Pixel Streaming

Unreal Engine only Pixel Streaming Experiences

Vagon Streams provide the opportunity to both utilize Pixel Streaming and Application Streaming technologies to share the application with scalable infrastructure. Depending on the use case scenario and preferences, Developers can use both methods to stream your application.

The best part is, you can switch between Pixel Streaming and Application Streaming alternatives with just a click from the Dashboard.

Pixel Streaming support on Vagon Streams leverages full functionality of Pixel Streaming, including audio & microphone support and Unreal Engine / JS SDK integrations.

How to Setup Scalable Pixel Streaming?

Preparing Application for Pixel Streaming

Instead of the complicated configurations to add Pixel Streaming support for your application, you don't need to deal with them to use Pixel Streaming with Vagon Streams.

Just activate Pixel Streaming plugin in your project, that's all. System will handle the whole TURN and WebRTC configurations on behalf of you to setup Pixel Streaming experience with your application.

Activating Pixel Streaming from Dashboard

After activating Pixel Streaming inside your project, creating your build and uploading it to your Vagon Dashboard you only need to activate Pixel Streaming from the Stream Configurations page. That's all!

Only click on the Stream link, after activating the Pixel Streaming, and system will automatically stream your application with Pixel Streaming technology.

Vagon provides the same full functionality for both Application Streaming and Pixel Streaming experiences.

Pixel Streaming is only available for the experiences developed with Unreal Engine.

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