Start by uploading your application to Vagon Streams - easy to start, no code application & pixel streaming solution.

Vagon Streams is capable of streaming any kind of application from any device. You can create your first Stream by uploading your application from the Vagon Dashboard.

You can follow the steps below to upload your first application to start streaming.

How to Upload Application to Vagon Streams

Let's walk through the application together and explore the features of Vagon Streams.

1. Application Type Selection

2. Upload Application Folder

You can simply start by dragging and dropping to upload your application file to your Vagon Streams dashboard.

The upload process will depend on your local connection speed, but we are doing our best to make this process faster for you.

Preparing a Compressed File

While uploading your project to Vagon Streams, you must consider the important points listed below.

  • The compressed file must be in .zip format.

  • The compressed file must include all necessary project components and the main executable file in .exe format.

  • The main executable file must be inside the compressed file root directory.

3. Application Executable & Details

After uploading your compressed file, the initial modal window will appear on the screen. The system will automatically list the executable files inside your compressed file, and you can choose the file you would like to run automatically for your Streams.

Right now, you can only run Windows applications with Vagon Streams, but in the upcoming days, you will be able to run Linux OS based apps as well.

Following the executable file selection, you can give a name to your application and upload an application logo for it.

Application Name will only be used inside the dashboard, and it won't be visible to your visitors.

For the Basic and Pro plans, the application logo will only be used inside the dashboard, however, for the Enterprise plan users, Vagon Streams logo will be replaced with the uploaded application logo on the application connection page.

4. Choose a Performance to Run

According to your application requirements, you can choose the best performance for it. If you need more performance options, just contact us.

Available Performances

Graphics Accelerated Performances

The first generation performance options have OptiX & CUDA enabled NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs and Intel processors inside.


  • 4 cores

  • 16GB RAM

  • 16GB NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs

  • 3.1GHz Intel Cascade Processors


  • 8 cores

  • 32GB RAM

  • 16GB NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs

  • 3.1GHz Intel Cascade Processors

RTX Enabled Latest Generation Performances

The latest generation performance options have RTX enabled NVIDIA A10G GPUs and AMD processors inside.

Starter - G2

  • 4 cores

  • 16GB RAM


  • 2nd generation AMD EPYC Processors

Pro - G2

  • 8 cores

  • 32GB RAM


  • 2nd generation AMD EPYC Processors

The performance selection may limit the region coverage selection according to the performance availability in selected regions. Please check the Coverage page to learn more about region coverage.

5. Set Up Controls

After setting the initial information and uploading your app, you have to choose the cursor control preferences for your application.

Mouse Control

If your application is optimized and developed for the mouse cursor inputs, you can choose mouse control.

360 View Control

If your application is optimized and developed for 360 view control like first-person shooter games, you can choose 360 View Control mode.

6. Application is Ready!

Your application is ready to create Streams now! Let's move forward with the Stream Link creation process.

All your application content and components must be archived in a .zip format with the portable executable (.exe) of your application build.

After uploading your application, it's time to creating your Stream Link to share your application with your users. How to Create First Stream Link?

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