Vagon Streams documentation provides detailed information about Vagon Streams, no code application & pixel streaming solution.

Vagon Streams

Vagon Streams allows you to stream applications on any device with no code. Make, any application accessible on any device globally, including but not limited to Unreal Engine and Unity applications.

How does it work?

Vagon Streams provides you with both no-code and deeper integration alternatives via Streams API and Dashboard.

In this documentation, you will find information about how to stream your application from a browser window and how you can customize your application streaming experience with the advanced features of Vagon Streams.


  • Application - Executable file including compiled & portable (dependencies included) build of the software.

  • Pixel Streaming - Technology to allow Unreal Engine developers to stream compiled Application's video and audio from a remote GPU-enabled computer.

  • Vagon Streams - Technology to allow anyone to stream any kind of Application (including but not limited to Unreal Engine and Unity apps) with microphone, audio, gamepad, etc. support and a fully customizable experience from any device with no code.

  • Developer - An application developer who uses Vagon Streams.

  • Visitor - Application users who will use the streamed application through Vagon Streams. The user of Developer.

  • Stream Machine - Vagon Streams machine, which runs the selected application on the cloud. Can be accessed via Stream Link or via API integration.

  • Stream Session - A timespan starts with the waiting state and ends with the terminated state for each Stream.

  • Stream Status - Status of the remote Vagon Streams machine, updates are instant.

  • Stream - Orchestrator to manage capacity & provision for the Stream Machines of Developer

  • Stream Link - Single and unique link to access and distribute Streams.

  • Region - Service location for Stream Machines to stream an Application.

  • Capacity - A maximum number of running Stream Machines per region according to Stream settings.

Integration Methods

There are two types of integration options to stream your application from any device. Depending on your integration requirements,

  • Streams Dashboard integration without any coding requirements,

  • Streams API integration for custom workflows.

Good to know: Even if you choose to integrate via the Streams API, you must use the Streams Dashboard as a first step to upload your application and customize your experience.

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