Session Duration Limit

After creating your Stream you can set a session duration limit for your Stream Sessions. Session Duration Limit allows you to limit Stream Session durations.

According to your preference, the system will inform the visitor 1 minute before the expiration, and then redirect them to another page when the session is expired to make your Stream available for the next users.

Auto Turn-Off Duration

Auto Turn-Off Duration allows you to automatically turn off Stream Machines after the configured span of an idle period. Auto Turn Off Duration provides you with the flexibility to manage your Streams by preventing unexpected usages.

According to your selection, the system will monitor your Stream Machines, and after the configured period of inactivity, the Stream Machine will be terminated.

Auto Turn Off Duration is not available for Availability Optimized Streams, and the reserved Streams Machines in Balanced Streams.

Idle Time Duration

You can set an Idle Duration Limit for your stream to kill an idle session automatically if there is no user action within a specified time.

Depending on your duration selection, visitor sessions will be terminated if users don't interact with your stream for the specified time period. That way, you'll be able to prevent unintentional usages caused by forgotten tabs or web pages.

Stream Budget

Stream Budget Limit gives you the opportunity to budgets for your Streams.

When a stream hits the budget limit, the system will automatically pause the related Streams to prevent unexpected expenses.

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