Visitors - Data Collection

Collect Visitor Data

When the Visitor Data Collection is enabled, your visitors will be asked to share their email addresses before joining the Stream.

You will be able to collect visitor data and track connected user data from the Stats > Visitor tab inside your Streams Dashboard.

Visitor Data Collection via URL Parameters

In addition to the Visitor Data Collection page, you can collect user information by sending user email addresses via URL Parameters.

After your Streams URL, you just need to add visitor_email parameter and send the user email as the parameter value at the end of your URL. You can find the sample URL below.<STREAM_ID>?

If you are using both URL Parameters and Visitor Data inside your URL, be sure that you separated them via & sign to prevent issues.

Visitor Data Collection is a PRO feature for Streams users. If you would like to enable it for your Streams, just contact us.

Connections Stats

When you enable Connection Stats, you will be able to monitor your visitor device and connection performance information on your Stats page.

Visitor Stats are also available through our Streams API which gives you the option to embed your streaming data to your own dashboard or system.

Password Protection

When you enable Password Protection for your Streams, your users will be asked for a password to join your Stream, and visitors without the password can not be able to connect to your experience.

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