Vagon Streams provides you with the easiest way to create an application streaming experience from any device. However, while testing the experience, some configuration issues can happen. Here are the common mistakes you can easily solve.

Prerequisites Setup Window Appeared

When you are trying to connect to your Stream if you see UE Prequisies (x64) Setup window, it's because you choose the wrong file as your application executable.

  • Pause the related Stream from the Streams page in your Vagon Streams Dashboard,

  • Go back to your Applications page and Click on the Configure button,

  • Change the selected executable file from UE prerequisites to your application's main executable file,

  • Then, reactivate your Stream link and try to connect to it.

All prerequisites for your application have been already installed inside Streams experiences.

Audio / Microphone is Not Working

After creating your Stream link, if you can't get audio and/or microphone working please check the Streams configurations, first.

You should enable audio and/or microphone according to your needs.

Application Installation Failed / Missing Game Files

When you try to connect your Stream, if you are getting a Missing Game Files error message, please check your uploaded application folder and be sure that there are no missing required files with your build. If you are sure about that, please contact us for further assistance.

Keyboard is Not Working inside an iFrame

When you embed the Vagon Streams link as an iFrame to your own platform if you are using custom UI elements on top of your application streaming experience there might be some focus issues while switching between components because of browser limitations.

However, you can easily solve this issue by using window.Vagon.focusIframe() the method inside Vagon JS SDK.


Keeps the browser window focused on the streaming iframe. In case you are facing issues with keyboard inputs, you can use this method. Streams JS SDK integration is required.

pageStreams JS SDK

Black Screen while Initializing the Application

While connecting to your Vagon Streams experience, if it takes too long to initialize the experience and you are stuck at the black screen too long, please be sure that you optimized the contents inside your application.

Even though you optimise your experience, if your issue still persists, we can highly recommend you add a splash screen to your experience to prevent your visitors to stuck at the black screen window.

Application Not Visible after the First Session

If you face initialization issues after your first session for your application, please check the possible issues below.

Minimized Start

Some applications can be set to start in minimized mode, and this configuration causes visitors to stuck on the black screen while connecting to your experience. This issue can be easily fixed from the application configurations.

Unity Minimized Start - Run in Background Official Fix

Predefined Resolution Configuration

You can easily choose a predefined resolution from the Streams Configurations page. When you set a predefined resolution or limit your application resolution from in-experience settings, this can cause streaming issues while trying to stream your application from various devices.

Instead of setting a predefined resolution, we highly recommend you set your application to run in Windowed Full-Screen mode.

If you are stuck in a black screen, you can easily test this fix by setting Launch Flags from the Streams Configurations.

Unreal Engine Launch Flags

-WINDOWED -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080

Unity Launch Flags

-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-height 1080 -screen-width 1920

Get in Touch

If you are facing an issue which is not listed here, just contact us. We will be happy to help. 💯

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