URL Parameters

If your application needs a client-side integration to pass parameters or any other information to communicate with your application, you can pass dynamic launch flags for each session.

For example, in order to add -token MY_TOKEN flag to your application launch flags for a specific Stream Session, you should only add ?launchFlags=-token%20MY_TOKEN at the end of the Stream URL with the parameter, you would like to send. Please note that the launch flags should be URL safe.


URL Parameters are applied for each Stream Session individually while the Stream Session is starting up. It won't affect any other Stream Session.

Launch Parameter Reset - Start New Session with Different Launch Parameters

Launch parameters are set for each user session separately and stored in local storage to apply the same launch arguments if any connection or initialization issue during the connection phase.

If your use case requires sending different launch arguments to the same Stream session, you have to add a newSession=true parameter at the end of your Stream URL to reset previous launch arguments.

If you are using launchFlags with your Stream URL, you can use both of them by adding & between them.


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