Connection Time Optimizations

Fast Launch

Stream initialization process is composed of two main steps: Stream Machine boot and application installation. Regardless of your project file size, Fast Launch eliminates the application installation process.

Fast Launch will reduce your connection times by up to 60% depending on your project size.

Regardless of your application size, performance or regions you’ve selected, your audience will be able to connect to your experience immediately, from anywhere.

Imagine you have a 50 GB of application build, which generally takes 2-3 minutes to connect with the Cost Optimized capacity method. When you enable Fast Launch option for your stream, regardless of its massive size, the application installation process will be eliminated entirely and take no time similar to lightweight projects.

Fast Launch gives the best results when it's used with Balanced and Availability Optimized Capacity Methods.

When Fast Launch is first enabled, it will take a few minutes to prepare your application only once and Fast Launch will be effective, after the initial Optimization process.

Application Bundles 📦

Application Bundles gives you the opportunity to serve multiple applications from a single Stream Machine. With this method, you can create a bundle of your existing applications, create a Stream link for each of your application, but use a single capacity method for those applications because all are bundled in one package.

Use Case Scenario

Let's say you have 10 applications and Stream links, and you are using Fast Launch + Balanced Method for each of them to optimize connection times.

When you create an application bundle for those 10 applications, and create a Stream link for this app, you will have 10 separate links for each application, but you will keep only one Stream in Balanced mode, which will be more cost efficient.

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