While creating a Stream, you have to set the maximum number of concurrent users and the capacity management approach for your Stream.

Capacity Management approaches allow you to manage your Stream capacity without any coding requirements.

According to your Capacity Management selection, the system will automatically orchestrate Stream Machines up to your capacity selection per region.

Cost Optimized Capacity Management

Cost Optimized capacity management approach will manage your Stream Machines in a cost-efficient way.

The system will start a Stream Machine when a visitor connects to your Stream, and terminates the Stream Machine after the selected Auto Turn Off Duration in your Stream.

Because the system will terminate a running Stream Machine and starts a new one for each new visitor, connection times will be around 2 minutes for your visitors.

Usage Areas: Internally Developed Application Demo

Balanced Capacity Management

Balanced capacity management approach will manage your Stream Machines to keep the balance between both cost efficiency and availability perspectives.

The system will immediately start a defined number of Reserved Stream Machines to keep them active for your visitors, when a new visitor connects to a Stream it will scale up to maintain the number of Reserved Stream Machines and then scale down with respect to the predefined Auto Turn-off Duration when your users are disconnected from Stream Machine to keep your costs low.

Usage Areas: Showcase & Product Configurator Applications for Sales Teams, Online Product Demos

Availability Optimized Capacity Management

Availability Optimized capacity management approach will automatically run all your available capacities in each region and keep them ready for your visitors to provide less than 10 seconds of connection times.

Usage Areas: Live Events, Virtual Exhibitions

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